About us

Starting off the journey in 2017, MakemySpecs introduces itself as an ideology working towards providing the mankind with clear vision through state-of-the-art eyewear. To make a change and establish ourselves as the brand of the people, we are a bunch of people divided by backgrounds but united by a vision of delivering happiness through high-quality eyewear, peerless to any other brand in the industry. We are looking forward to coming up with a full strategised approach for reaching the throne. Through our e-commerce website, people at anytime and anyplace can make a purchase from an array of stylish and high-quality eyewear in just a few seconds of time. The product will be delivered at the ease of doorstep. Also, our services will be available to the people through our offline stores backed by equipment to carry out an eye check-up. Headquartered in Delhi, MakemySpecs is looking forward to make a presence all across the nation. So, this would be a move to make a change at a large scale. After some years from now, we see ourselves as a name that has made a place in the hearts of the people through unmatched quality eyewear providing clear vision to everyone.


With a large number of people facing eye disorders in India, MakemySpecs exists with a clear focus on providing a better vision to millions with high-quality eye-wear at very affordable prices along with giving free eye checkups and reaching a large part of the people in need. To be precise with our objective, we see MakemySpecs as the brand of the people. Our endeavor is to enhance your vision clarity and make it easy for you to see the vivid shades of the world. LET YOUR EYES TWINKLE!!!


Keeping in mind the cause, our mission is to make a difference on the whole by providing vision access to the underprivileged and beautifying lives. We are not just providing eyewear but an effective solution to the most ubiquitous issue among the society and the most sought after accessory to match people’s lifestyles. We are clear and concrete because we are hitting the bull’s-eye with a friendly and unique approach altogether. We aim to become a unique identity in the industry by communicating our ideology of delivering high quality eye-wear products to people without having them worry about their pockets. To be precise, OUR MISSION IS TO SPREAD SMILES BY DELIVERING VISION.


We love helping our customers with a skilled serviceability by ensuring YOU a hassle free shopping experience at your doorstep. Also, our services will be available to the people through our offline stores backed by equipment to carry out an eye check-up. You can either follow our blogs for expert advice on vision care needs or regarding the trend-setting voguish tips that make head turns with GRACE AND GLASSES!!!

How we work?

Together as a family, we labor and strive continuously to foster VALUE in our customers by eliminating the MIDDLEMEN. Our products come straight from the manufacturer and are supplied directly to the consumers all over India. This not only proves to be economical for you but also helps us in maintaining high-quality standards. It’s a brain-storming process where we don’t just execute but innovate and pioneer a new route by being highly tech savvy at all levels to bring top quality browsing, shopping and serving high-quality product access to the customers. MakemySpecs offers products inspired from Germany and Spain with an Italian design, they go through a rigorous 3-time Top Quality Check Control in terms of scratch-free accuracy and spotlessness with 100% originality. With an assurance of impeccable product quality and a promising service and delivery of our brand new products with the correct bill at your doorstep, we fit in to compete in terms of standard of design and manufacturing with the rest of the world.

Available for YOU- 24x7!

Wandering on the streets in scorching heat trying to find your desired eye-wear product can prove to be a daunting task. Shopping is more fun and appealing when you can shop 24X7 sitting in your comfort zone, which makes online shopping at MakemySpecs convenient and approachable. We showcase thousands of unique chicest styles in Eye-wear under one umbrella, which is hundred times the variety offered in any retail store near you. MakemySpecs shows steadfast adhesion to the best practices and standards of web content accessibility guidelines. Our Customer Care is easily approachable! Our fidelity towards complete customer satisfaction is irrefutable.

GLAM-UP your Eye-wear fashion quotient

We excite our customers with an OUT OF THE BOX collection from kiddies to voguish 20s to classy 40s to rebellious 70s to quirky 90s. Let’s just say, WE HAVE GOT THE WHOLE WORLD!!! Enjoy an experience of Cherry-Picking shopping from Reading glasses, Contact lenses to Computer glasses, Optical lenses and what not!! YOU CAN TAKE A TOUR at Basic, Modish collection and Evening wear. MAKEMYSPECS HAS IT ALL!!!

YOUR SAVIOR during financial woes!!!

Why tour from street to street in scorching heat or winter chills to glance at your desired eye-wear that is edgily trendy and not heavy on your pocket as well? Just head to MakemySpecs - The perfect destination that showcases eyewear from SASSY TO CLASSY!!! Our products range from Rs. 499 to Rs. 10,000. YES, YOU READ IT RIGHT. In short, our little venture ranges from SASSY TO CLASSY 500 unique styles, that’s more than enough to make YOU go bananas. So, what are you waiting for? Drop everything and rush to MakemySpecs! Happy Shopping amigos


For any query, Call us at +(91)-9667887979 Or Email us at  : [email protected] We’d love to hear from you.