Privacy Policy


We respect your privacy. Our Privacy and Cookie Policy informs you regarding what all details we gather from our customers and how we use them. Kindly spare a minute to go through this page. Your access, use of and submission of order on the site contains your consent.

If you do not agree with our way of processing the data collected on our site, we request you to not to use or access this site. If you want to know more about us or our Privacy and Cookie Policy, you can contact our Customer Care agents or Email us.

Ques :- What type of information do we gather from our customers?

Ans :- Your web page flow and habits, identity, email address and medical information (prescription) if you submit. The navigation data may be collected by servers or by cookies as and when you are going through this site.

Information regarding your identity and Email address can be collected if you mail us through the site. Information regarding your identity can be gathered by the site on the completion of registration for online ordering. It can also be revealed through your medical details and conditions as mentioned in your prescription provided by you to us either by Email, telephone, fax or post.

Ques :- Define the term ‘Cookies’.

Ans :- A cookie is described as a small informative file delivered on your computer and stored on your hard drive after you browse the website. After the completion of your registration process with us, your PC will store an identical cookie which will save your identity each time you browse MakeMySpecs. Cookies do not include any of your personal information.

Ques :- Do you share your customer’s personal information with the third party? In what circumstances you do?

Ans :- Yes, there might be a need to share your personal information with our other corporate entities and affiliates.

We will share all your personal data with another business entity with which we plan to join hands with, or might be gathered by that business entity or organization, resetting the business or amalgamation.

Under circumstances of good faith belief, we may have to unveil your personal information to law enforcement offices, third party rights owners or others, where such disclosure is reasonably essential to do:

1) In case our Terms of Policy is enforced.

2) In case we have to revert back to the accusations threw upon us by a third party in the name of their rights violation caused by our some content, ad or post.

3) In case if we have to safeguard the rights, personal safety or property of our customers.


Our website is linked to other sites which can gather your personal data. MakeMySpecs should not be held accountable or liable for any such activity or privacy practices of those sites.

Ques :- How do I allow disclosure of my personal information?

Ans :- While browsing the website and then providing us with your data. According to the Privacy Policy, you allow us to collect and use all information provided by you to us. Also, as per the rules, your consent is not limited when it comes to sharing your information.

As and when we decide to alter or modify our Privacy Policy, we will update it on the website so as our customers remain informed regarding our rules and policies.

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